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I am currently (Since 1 July 2002) a researcher at FOM-AMOLF in Amsterdam, where I am looking at recipe books for painters, and at non-destructive methods of analysis for pigments, having just finished six months as a guets researcher at the Instituut Collectie Nederland. Last year I completed my PhD in Anglo-Saxon Manuscript Pigments [-abstract-] at the Department of Archaeology of the University of Cambridge (McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research & Corpus Christi College)

I am interested in works of art as physical objects, and in particular the technological history of artists' methods ("Technical Art History").

Conservation training has impressed on me the vital importance of developing non-destructive methods of analysis that may be used in situ on manuscripts and other artifacts.

I also research mediaeval recipes books for painters and illuminators, in particular the discrepancies between written recipes circulating in a given area at a given time, and actual workshop practice in that same culture.



Clarke, M. (2001) The Art of All Colours: Mediaeval Recipe Books for Painters and Illuminators,
    London, Archetype Books. why not order a copy:


Clarke, M. (2002) The Analysis of Medieval European Manuscripts,
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Clarke, M. (1999) Limitations of fluorescence spectroscopy as a tool for non-destructive
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    'art 2002' (6th. International Conference of the Associazione
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Clarke, M. and M. J. Meijers (2002 for 2000) Simplification of near-infrared visualisation techniques
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    Copenhagen 19-20 October 2000.
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Clarke, M. (1999) A new technique for the non-destructive identification
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    using 3-D fluorescence reflectance spectroscopy     in
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      In press

Clarke, M. (2002) The analysis of manuscript pigments - why, what and how
    Gazette du Livre Médiéval.

Clarke, M. (2002) 'Seeking the invisible: Forensic science at the Parker Library'
    Medieval Academy News.

Clarke, M. (2002) 'L'analyse, in situ, sans prelevement, des pigments
    des manuscrits mediaevaux: l'example des manuscrits Anglo-Saxonnes'

    [Chapter in forthcoming book:
    L'Archeometrie au service des Monuments et des Œuvres d'art,
    D. Allart & P. Hoffsummer (éd.)]

      PhD Dissertation

Anglo-Saxon Manuscript Pigments   - abstract -
    Doctor of Philosophy, Department of Archaeology, University of Cambridge, 2001.

      MSc Dissertation

Mediaeval European purple pigments and their identification in situ on
    illustrated manuscripts; with special reference to 'Folium'
    De Montfort University, Lincoln and Leicester, 1997.

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